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Odyssea’s remarkable journey in 2023! A year filled with achievements and empowerment!

We are excited to share our remarkable achievements for the year 2023. With dedication and determination, Odyssea surpassed milestones that were once unattainable. As we reflect on our journey, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to our donors for their support and to our beneficiaries, whose trust fuels our mission for a more inclusive and equitable Greek society.

A key accomplishment in 2023 was the successful implementation of an unprecedented number of projects. With an 80% programme renewal rate, a remarkable 30% growth in funding, and the execution of 18 impactful programmes, Odyssea’s footprint in the community has never been more significant.

More precisely, for 2023 our services reached 3060 beneficiaries from 47 different countries, with 64% of them belonging to the age group of 18-34, and 42% being female. These numbers underscore Odyssea’s commitment to reaching out to diverse communities across Greece and ensuring equal opportunities for all, regardless of their gender and/or any other protected characteristic. In addition, “Talent Day” Job Fair that was organised in March 2023  provided a platform for beneficiaries to connect with corporate partners, attend workshops, and secure job positions. 125 participants, 437 interviews conducted, and over 50 individuals being hired, “Talent Day” lowered the unemployment gap! 

The testimonials of success from beneficiaries like Paraskevi and Sujaul serve as a testament to Odyssea’s impact on individual lives. “The employability officer at Odyssea played a crucial role in securing the job I had been aspiring for, despite initial challenges related to my background. I am grateful for their ongoing support, including valuable recommendations for alternative services such as my participation in the “Social Media & Digital Marketing” course!” mentioned Paraskevi, a Greek beneficiary of Odyssea. 

Sujaul, one of our beneficiary from Bangladesh mentioned “Having come across Odyssea on social media, I was keen to enroll in the Kitchen Assistant course. The programme played a pivotal role in my self-development, enhancing my skills and positioning me to secure the desired job!” Their stories reflect the transformative power of Odyssea’s programmes in empowering individuals and creating pathways to success.

Advocacy, crisis response & immediate relief

Odyssea’s advocacy efforts were highlighted at the Delphi Economic Forum, where our CEO, Jai Mexis, participated in a panel discussion on “Youth empowerment through inclusive education, skill-building, and employability” who he shed light on Odyssea’s innovative integration model, which lies at the heart of our mission to empower the youth.

In response to the dire consequences of extreme weather events in Thessaly, we collaborated with The Cube Athens to provide immediate relief to affected communities by equipping them with essential resources for energy sustainability. Our efforts extended beyond Greek borders, with missions to Ukraine aimed at providing essential medical aid to remote populations. In collaboration with Médecins du Monde, we facilitated the provision of a mobile medical unit, underscoring its commitment to global humanitarian causes.

Last but not least, through our social kitchen, we distributed 3220 meals and additional 100 Boxes of Love in the framework of the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, reaffirming our dedication to combating food insecurity and poverty.


Entrepreneurship is one of our main pillars and it was demonstrated through initiatives like the Blue and Circular Economy Hackathon, which saw the participation of 40 individuals, and the Youth Entrepreneurship Bootcamp, where 10 aspiring entrepreneurs underwent business incubation training.

As we embark on the journey ahead, Odyssea remains steadfast in its commitment to empowering communities, fostering inclusivity, and creating a brighter future for all. With each achievement, we reaffirm our belief in the power of compassion, resilience, and collective action to bring about positive change in the world!

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