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Arriving at our beliefs: An Educational Journey to Odyssea with the 6th General Lyceum of Kallithea

On Wednesday 21 February, Odyssea had the pleasure to host the 6th General Lyceum of Kallithea. The students who visited our premises were accompanied by their teachers, Afroditi Fourtouni and Stellina Christopoulou. Before participating in the 5th SENSE Lab organised in the framework of the Horizon Project SENSE, the students and the teachers were informed about the core business of Odyssea with a paralel tour in the premises. 

Upon familiarising themselves with one another, the session began with students forming groups to sketch a map of their school and its surroundings, surpassing our expectations with their enthusiasm!  Subsequently, we prompted them to introspect for a few minutes, selecting one of two provided figures to depict their current emotional state through drawings and colors. Following the completion of their initial artwork, we introduced the students to portraits of ten scientists, ensuring their unfamiliarity with them before proceeding to the next phase. Delving into the role of a narrator and its significance in storytelling, we tasked the students with working collaboratively to empathize with the chosen portrait subject. After careful observation, they wrote short autobiographies for their respective figures.

The groups presented their autobiographies collectively, followed by our reading of the actual biographies of the individuals portrayed in the portraits. Our aim was to uncover any subconscious biases regarding gender roles in professions. As one student noted, “We all have stereotypes; we compartmentalize people, and we crafted biographies based on our predefined categories.” To conclude the exercise, the children depicted another figure reflecting their post-activity sentiments and positioned it on the initial school map they had drawn. Lastly, they shared their reflections on our exploration of ‘female’ and ‘male’ occupations.

However, their journey at Odyssea didn’t conclude there! Just like every 2nd Wednesday of the month, volunteers were cooking in our social kitchen, preparing meals for people in need. The high school students took charge of the bags preparation for each meal, actively participating in the packing process.

As this exciting experience comes to an end, it leaves us with the best impressions and renewed hope for the future. Our interactive session turned into a journey of exploration and discovery as the students enthusiastically and creatively tackled the challenges of the 5th SENSE Lab. We conclude with the conviction that this experience leaves significant effects, not only on the student’s knowledge and skills but also in reinforcing the values of collaboration, openness and mutual understanding.

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