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National Register of Greek and Foreign
Non-Governmental Organizations

Odyssea registry identification no.: ID 4563

A national Register of Greek and Foreign Non- Governmental Organizations (NGOs) which are active on international protection, migration and social integration issues shall be established and kept in the Unit of the NGOs Register and Cooperation with Civil Society Entities, of Directorate of Social Integration, under the General Secretariat for Migration Policy .


Odyssea registry identification no.: 354222644766-21

The transparency register is a database that lists organisations that try to influence the law-making and policy implementation process of the EU institutions.

The register makes visible what interests are being pursued, by whom and with what budgets. In this way, the register allows for public scrutiny, giving citizens and other interest groups the possibility to track the activities of lobbyists.

National Register of Social and Solidarity Bodies Economy "K.AΛ.O"

Odyssea registry identification no.: 000236512011

It is the totality of economic activities based on on an alternative form of organisation of the relations of production, distribution, consumption and reinvestment, based on the principles of of democracy, equality, solidarity, cooperation, and respect for human beings and the environment

National Registry of Private Non-Profi Institutions that provide social care services

Odyssea registry identification no.: 1650

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