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SENSE. will deliver a flexible roadmap for future-making STEAM education across Europe to radically re-configure the education of young citizens, by connecting schools with life and society with work. The lack of an appropriate pedagogical methodology linking formal science education with life experiences and work in informal learning environments is the main reason for the limited uptake of results from prior initiatives.



Social inclusion

Gender equality



  • Steam DNA Workshop (HVL, Bergen)
  • Workshop on Citizen Science operated by University Barcelona and Musee du Louvre (Paris)
  • European-wide launch of STEAM Labs and digital hub
  • General Assembly and field studies in Georgia (WECF, Tbilisi)
  • General Assembly and fieldwork with Primaria Municipiului Campina (GEYC, Bucharest)
  • SENSE.STEAM @ Summer Olympics in Paris (Musee du Louvre) 
  • General Assembly (CREDA, Monza) 
  • PHW, Weingarten 
  • International SENSE.STEAM Fair and Family Festival in Brussels.
  • Inauguration of the SENSE. New European Roadmap to STEAM Education and its supporting tools.


This project, with a total budget of 1.719.786,25€, has been funded by the Horizon Europe programme of the European Commission.