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Odyssea’s mission is to empower excluded and vulnerable local, migrant and refugee communities in Greece.
We enable self-reliance, accelerate efforts towards a more inclusive society and democratise access to technological advances.
We do this in four ways:
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Free training course in hard, soft, digital and entrepreneurial skills at our Academy, tailored to needs and gaps in the labour market.


Connecting people with employment.


Entrepreneurship and start-up support for business-oriented beneficiaries through the Odyssea Incubation program.


Open access to technology through Astrolab, the Odyssea Fabrication Laboratory (FabLab).

Latest News

Blue and Circular Economy Hackathon: Nurturing innovation for a sustainable future

In an effort to foster innovation and address pressing challenges related to the blue and circular economy, Odyssea, The Cube Athens, and Athanasios C. Laskaridis Charitable Foundation joined hands to organise a three-day Blue and Circular Economy Hackathon. At a time where the world is recognising the importance of sustainable practices, this hackathon aimed to bring […]

A Launch Event Tailored for Students, Businesses, and VET Schools

In the context of the European project SENSE, Odyssea is hosting a launching event for the upcoming workshops that will focus on STEAM approaches while aiming to enhance participants’ work readiness and skills. The launching event will take place on Friday, 13 October 2023 and our primary audience comprises students aged 19-25, businesses seeking innovative talents, […]

Atlas Map: An initiative that maps the social enterprises across the European Union

In the framework of the european project  Intercraft – A bridge between traditional knowings and cultures, Odyssea completed the Atlas map, the first expected outcome of the project.  Atlas map presents 24 social institutions divided per country: 6 from Greece, 5 from Italy, 3 from Slovenia and 10 from other EU countries and it aims to […]

"The HoReCa vocational training programs of Odyssea are really well structured for the labour market needs."

Aias Katsaros, HR Account Manager & Recruiter

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Ema Ducon, Student


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Maria Jonson, Student

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