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SKILLS 4 ALL, the action implemented under Piraeus Bank’s EQUALL programme in strategic partnership with Odyssea, is addressed to vulnerable young people and focuses on the creation of sustainable career choices through vocational training and their connection with the labour market.

It is a holistic action aiming to create added value for the beneficiaries themselves, as well as for society and the economy in general, by training and channeling human resources into sectors of the market where there is a serious shortage.

Vocational Training

Employability Support

Interview Preparation

Connection with the Labour Market

The second cycle, which will run throughout 2024, focuses on the tourism and construction sectors where there is a significant demand for human resources and is implemented along two main axes:
A) vocational training
B) connection with the labour market.

Beneficiaries of the action
The action concerns the support and placement in the labour market of 100 vulnerable young people aged 17-40. The young people must either have completed secondary education or be 17 years old and permanently resident in the country.

Conditions for participation
The SKILLS 4 ALL programme is open to young people of the following categories:

  • Unemployed and/or long-term unemployed young people
  • Young people with low income
  • Illiterate young people
  • Heads of single-parent families
  • Migrants
  • People with disabilities

Action objectives
With a view to integrating vulnerable young people into the labour market through vocational training, the action aims to:

  • Empower them to build self-confidence and self-awareness, so that they can unleash their potential
  • Guide them towards a career that matches their personality and ambitions
  • Equip them with professional and technical skills
  • Strengthen professional sectors in need of a skilled workforce.

Training Courses

Action Timeline

Strategic Partner