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The problem

The female unemployment rate is 50% greater than the male one. Unemployed women face a lack of financial and personal independence, poor integration, and under-representation in local and national communities.

In Greece, gender inequalities in digital education start appearing even in lower secondary education, while in upper secondary education, 85% of female students never or almost never engage in coding/programming.

The most vulnerable groups (e.g., youth with disabilities, and female refugees) face significantly higher unemployment rates and can be almost entirely excluded from employment.

Our solution

We have designed a project to empower vulnerable women and youth with disabilities and strengthen their career paths in the world of work, focusing on the digital world. The project targets the inclusion of women in professional sectors that lacks equal representation.

The project offers the following services: 

  • Integration support courses; soft skills, empowerment, and career orientation for work-readiness 
  • Tailor-made, hard-skill vocational courses
  • Employability services
Participants trained
People received Employability services
Participants employed

Empowering Women and Youth with Disabilities

Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace

Promoting Economic Independence

Fostering Inclusive Communities

"Women, like men, must be educated with a view to action, or their studies cannot be called education." ~ HARRIET MARTINEAU


A special experience! First of all, you gave us hope! The excitement of knowing that you can start again from somewhere... we materialized something together But each one individually in a matter that concerns us all ! The greatest investment one can make is in knowledge! This should never stop. You have given us a little piece of the wealth that each of us carries within us! Congratulations for the special work that is being offered! i feel lucky to have been part of this program ! It just keeps getting better and better!

Rodika A.

Thank you very much for the lesson and this opportunity !!! I learned a lot of things. Odysseα has very good programs !!!

Evaggelia E.

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