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Bridging the Skills Gap is a project, funded by the Swiss-Greek Cooperation Programme, managed by the Ministry of Immigration and Asylum and implemented by Odyssea, which aims to help refugees, migrants and asylum seekers to integrate into society by providing them with education, training and employment opportunities. The programme, which started on 3 June 2024, aims to provide education, vocational training and employment opportunities to enhance the employability of these vulnerable groups.

The programme also leverages Swiss expertise and artificial intelligence technology to address the high unemployment rates, especially among young people in Greece.

The Programme

The programme is based on 5 key implementation pillars:

  • Workshops and training: the programme includes a series of workshops and vocational training courses designed to equip participants with the necessary skills for the labour market.
  • Employability services: Provision of tailored employability services, including social and digital skills training.
  • Enhancing employability: Using artificial intelligence to improve employment prospects.
  • Preventing human trafficking: empowering participants to reduce the risks of human trafficking and illegal migration.
  • Partnering with the private sector: Engage the private sector, in particular through partnership with SENABI (Shipbuilding Industry Business Association), to create employment opportunities.


The project will last 24 months, starting on 1 June 2024.

The key milestones include:

June 2024: Launch event.
September 2024: Start of vocational training.

Locations and scope

  • Prime locations: Athens and Thessaloniki.
  • Mobile training unit: Conducting 17 missions across Greece to take education and training directly to different communities.
  • New Office: Establishment of a new Odyssea branch in Crete or Larissa to further expand the reach.
participants in social and digital skills training
participants in empowerment against human trafficking
participants in introductory courses
participants in vocational training
participants in vocational training
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Expected results

  • Empowerment: Increase in the number of migrants and refugees empowered to unlock their potential.
  • Access to training: increased access to vocational training adapted to market needs.
  • Job placement: Improved employability profiles and successful job placements.
  • Protective environment: Contributing to a protective and inclusive environment for refugees and migrants.
  • Policy formulation: Engage with government and local authorities to formulate inclusive policies.
  • Business support: Bridging private sector companies with skilled and talented individuals.
This programme is an important step towards addressing the skills gap among migrants and refugees in Greece, promoting integration and employment and contributing to the overall social and economic stability of the region.
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