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Author: Loukas Oikonomakis

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Last month, on Tuesday, May 23, our premises were abuzz with excitement as we hosted a dynamic workshop with the support of the Gathering for Open Science Hardware (GOSH). The workshop aimed to introduce participants to the fundamental principles of Open Source Hardware (OSH) and provide hands-on experience with OSH projects.Led by industry experts, the workshop

In the early days of June, Odyssea participated in the EAEA General Assembly and Annual Conference organized in Zagreb, Croatia. The event brought together passionate individuals and organizations dedicated to the transformative themes of green and digital transition in adult education, with a special focus on empowering youth for the challenges that lie ahead. Our organization

On the 25th of May, an exciting milestone was achieved as two successful pilots were conducted at the 5th Municipal Elementary School of Metamorfosi in Athens, Greece. The pilots, involving a total of 30 participants, specifically targeted the 4th and 5th grade students.The goal was to pilot the mobile application developed by the JOINclusion project, funded

Odyssea recently had an incredible opportunity to showcase our work and the challenges facing vulnerable groups at the Delphi Economic Forum. We were honoured to be part of a panel focused on "Youth empowerment through inclusive education, skill building and employability". Our panel was expertly introduced by Mr. Christos Megalou, the CEO of Piraeus Bank, and

On March 10, 2023, Odyssea organized a TALENT DAY at Technopolis, of the Municipality of Athens. It was a day of varied professional and educational opportunities, where talented individuals had the opportunity to network with companies and gain valuable knowledge of job readiness and skill development. The goal of the event was for company executives and prospective

THE SUBSTANTIVE EXAMINATION OF ASYLUM APPLICATIONS IS THE ONLY SAFE SOLUTION FOR REFUGEES With a new Joint Ministerial Decision (JMD) issued on 7 June, the Greek State designates Turkey as a “safe third country” for families, men, women and children of five nationalities seeking international protection in Greece. It is noted that the JMD applies even to those from countries

  Our vision is to build a world where people thrive by realizing their full potential.   Inclusion is a key component to creating a solid pathway towards achieving that goal and as we have witnessed, vulnerable women and youth with disabilities are primary victims of the lack of inclusion. With the support of the Karl Kahane Foundation, this