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Empowering Women and Youth with Disabilities in the Digital Age

Our vision is to build a world where people thrive by realizing their full potential.


Inclusion is a key component to creating a solid pathway towards achieving that goal and as we have witnessed, vulnerable women and youth with disabilities are primary victims of the lack of inclusion. With the support of the Karl Kahane Foundation, this project supports vulnerable women and youth with disabilities in order to best respond to employment opportunities, by providing tailored vocational and life-skills training along with employability services.



The project started in April of 2021. Although great progress has been witnessed towards a more inclusive society since then, the energy and economic crisis makes our efforts more relevant than ever and we strongly believe that this program has set the foundation for us to scale up impact.

Odyssea serves as an inspiring safe space, a nurturing environment for personal growth, offering equal upskilling and reskilling opportunities for all thus bridging our people with the world of work, regardless of gender, origin, religion, belief, disability, age or sexual orientation. Odyssea is determined to support young vulnerable people by implementing a holistic approach to assist equally unemployed young Greeks and guest communities to integrate into society. Our experience in workforce development integration programs for vulnerable diverse groups showcases that non-discrimination between vulnerable host and guest communities accelerates the integration of refugees and migrants in the workplace. 


The program, funded by the Karl Kahane Foundation.


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