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JOINclusion pilots in Greek Schools

On the 25th of May, an exciting milestone was achieved as two successful pilots were conducted at the 5th Municipal Elementary School of Metamorfosi in Athens, Greece. The pilots, involving a total of 30 participants, specifically targeted the 4th and 5th grade students.

The goal was to pilot the mobile application developed by the JOINclusion project, funded within the framework of the Erasmus+ program. The aim of the project is to incorporate into educational practice a mobile application that promotes the inclusion of primary and lower secondary school students (ages 7-12) through learning strategies based on play and cognitive perspective-taking interventions. Besides Greece, the pilots also involves schools in Italy and the Netherlands.

The entire process unfolded seamlessly, showcasing the effectiveness of the JOINclusion initiative. Tablets were provided to the students, equipped with the specially designed JOINclusion app. Without any technical glitches or setbacks, the students engaged in the game effortlessly, while also taking the time to complete questionnaires.

The enthusiasm exhibited by both teachers and students was palpable throughout the pilots. The teachers expressed their delight in being part of such an innovative project and eagerly await future pilots, training sessions, and the introduction of the authoring tool.

The students, filled with excitement, provided encouraging feedback on their experience with the game. Here are a few notable comments shared by the young participants:

I loved playing the game! It made me think about how important it is to include everyone.


The JOINclusion game was fun and educational. I learned a lot about empathy and understanding.


I can’t wait to play more levels and learn even more about inclusion.

The success of these pilots marks a significant step forward in the JOINclusion project, which aims to foster inclusive learning environments for primary and lower secondary school students. With the promising outcomes achieved thus far, the JOINclusion team is excited to continue refining their approach and empowering more students through the power of gaming and empathy-building experiences.