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“TALENT DAY” – 10 March 2023 – Annual event of educational and professional opportunities

On March 10, 2023, Odyssea organized a TALENT DAY at Technopolis, of the Municipality of Athens. It was a day of varied professional and educational opportunities, where talented individuals had the opportunity to network with companies and gain valuable knowledge of job readiness and skill development.


The goal of the event was for company executives and prospective employees to meet and engage with each other in order for potential training and work opportunities to arise.  Established non-profit institutions and several companies participated in the event, with the aim of integrating talented human resources into new jobs and getting to know various educational programs and training.


During the TALENT DAY…

  • 125 participants attended
  • 437 interviews took place
  • 8 companies participated
  • 6 educational workshops were facilitated

And 18 people were hired on the spot!


More specifically, the participants:

  • Got to know the companies’ activities and the skills required for the jobs they offer
  • Were interviewed for available job openings
  • Learned about the charitable work of the institutions
  • Were briefed on Odyssea’s educational programs


Also, during the event, the attendees had the opportunity to attend various educational workshops for the development of personal and professional skills offered by the following organizations. In the parallel workshops, everyone was able to participate without pre-reserving a seat. A diverse group of experts who participated as workshop speakers, including professionals from non-governmental organizations, staffing firms and HR specialists, provided an unforgettable experience for all workshop participants, creating a rich and dynamic learning environment.

The workshops that took place were the following:

  • Composing a modern CV: Methods & Techniques –HEN Greece
  • Diversity & Inclusion in the workplace –Solidarity Now
  • Employability and current trends in HR –Randstad Greece
  • How do Recruiters read a CV –apply2day
  • LinkedIn profile creation – Odyssea


8 participating companies with the aim of hiring candidates

Eight companies, from many different sectors, such as tourism, catering, human resources, and industrial, with more than 150 jobs of different levels of education and specialization, attended the event During the day t, those interested were able to chat with company executives and learn from experienced professionals in their field the needs of the companies, regarding open positions  as well as gain valuable knowledge on work readiness.


The companies that participated in the TALENT DAY recognize the need to adapt to a rapidly changing labor market as well as the importance of social inclusion of vulnerable groups, especially young people. They also support the empowerment of these individuals through their vocational rehabilitation, which can unlock their potential.


5 companies and public benefit institutions with professional training programs

Several institutions, supporting new integration and community benefit projects in different sectors, attended the day, with the aim of meeting the needs of modern society more effectively. At the event, the participants had the opportunity to be informed about the plethora of activities these institutions offer and their joint programs with Odyssea.

PIRAEUS BANK SKILLS 4 ALL, a program which aims to support vulnerable young men and women by focusing on creating sustainable professional pathways through vocational training and connection with the labor market.


TIMA Foundation Caring for the Caregiver, an innovative vocational training program for elderly care professionals offering courses, “Caregiver of the Elderly” and “Health Care Consultant”.


John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation Social Reintegration of returning citizens, former drug users, who are in custody or have recently been released from prison.


THE HELLENIC INITIATIVE Empowering vulnerable youth in Greece to enter the world of work, is a program to support young vulnerable people by applying a holistic approach to help both unemployed Greeks and host communities alike.


A.C. LASKARIDIS CHARITABLE FOUNDATION RE-SAIL: Reviving the arts of the sea for the new generation, a programme which aims in raising awareness for children and young people about the environment and the blue economy, as well as promoting vulnerable social groups, children’s empowerment, sports and integration into the labor market and society overall&.

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