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Navigating Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in the Greek workplace

HR Greece and Odyssea joined forces to host a groundbreaking event focused on the principles of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) within the Greek workplace. By bringing together industry professionals and experts, the event provided a platform for dialogue, collaboration, and growth.

The event’s special guest speakers, Glodie Makunda and Christine Varonou, brought a wealth of real-life experiences to the table. Glodie Makunda, an advocate for the empowerment of black communities in Greece, shared his remarkable journey of overcoming adversity within the professional sphere. He also shared his dream to chase a career in Nursing, regardless of the barriers he encounters. Christine Varonou, an HR professional, discussed the importance of cultivating an inclusive work environment and shared practical ways for achieving equity in the workplace from the spectrum of age and gender. 

Recognising the high unemployment rates that continue to be a challenge among socially vulnerable groups, Odyssea developed the talent platform which was presented for the first time at the event. The talent platform introduced by Jai Mexis serves as a dynamic bridge, connecting employers to a diverse pool of candidates who possess unique skills and untapped potential. By utilising the platform, employers can tap into a rich talent pool, fostering diversity within their organsations while making a meaningful contribution to society.

The highlight of the event was an interactive workshop where participants engaged in thought-provoking discussions, group activities, and exercises. More precisely, participants delved into a brainstorming session to define and discuss the main barriers encountered by diverse groups, and suggest solutions to mitigate the barriers identified. Facilitated by experts in the field,  the workshop provided a safe space for participants to voice their concerns, share experiences, explore potential solutions, and to commit to DEI actions. 

A huge thanks to Sanne Goslinga, founder of the HR Greece community, to our speakers Glodie Makunda and Christine Varonou for sharing their stories & to all the participants who made it to our event!

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