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Sailing the waves of knowledge: Odysseas’ successful summer camp!

In the context of the RE-SAIL programme, implemented with the support of A.C Laskaridis Charitable Foundation, that focuses on raising awareness and educating children and youth on activities related to sustainable blue economy, Odyssea organised a unique two week Summer Camp for children that was completed with success! 


Combining adventure, fun, and education the Summer Camp offered to the participating children an immersive experience to explore the realms of sailing and engage in stimulating STEAM workshops, fostering personal development, self confidence, and environmental awareness.


At the heart of the summer camp lied the captivating world of sailing.Through expert-led courses supported by the Yacht Club Greece, children learned the art of navigating the vast seas, enhancing indispensable skills like teamwork, discipline, and adaptability. Sailing not only instills a sense of adventure and freedom but also imparts valuable life lessons that can be applied beyond the waters, empowering children to overcome challenges and embrace new horizons with confidence.


In addition to sailing, Odyssea integrated STEAMworkshops into the Summer Camp programme led by Stavros Messinis and the team of The Cube.


This innovative approach ensured that children engaged in hand-on activities that sparked curiosity, fostered critical thinking, and promoted creativity. From the “spaghetti challenge” (method to explore the design process) to robotics, and to the creation of electronic anemometers and compasses using recyclable materials, the workshops encouraged children to explore their creativity, experiment with different mediums, and express their unique perspectives. 


Odyssea’s Summer Camp sets sail towards a brighter future, where every child has the opportunity to navigate the seas of knowledge and embrace their limitless potential!

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