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In this very interesting TED talk Jai Mexis & Lucas Oikonomakis, explore how key challenges of the humanitarian ecosystem, such as monitoring, transparency and scalability can be addressed by harnessing the power of technology and data-driven approaches.Humanitarian work does not need to be obsolete but can rather be a driving force utilizing the power of innovation

Recently, Odyssea became an associate member of EAEA. Odyssea is a non-profit organisation based in Athens, Greece, that supports young vulnerable people in gaining access to employment opportunities in society. Programme Manager Thodoris Kostoulas gives insight into the main activities of the organisation and its future plans. Odyssea provides tailored vocational and life skills training combined with

Η πρόσφατη περίπτωση του νεαρού Σαϊντού (Saidou), πρόσφυγα από την Γουινέα, κατέδειξε έντονα το πρόβλημα των ασυνόδευτων παιδιών, τα οποία αν και βρίσκονται στην χώρα υπό την φροντίδα της Πολιτείας, στερούνται ένα μακροχρόνιο πλαίσιο νομικής προστασίας, σύμφωνα με το βέλτιστο συμφέρον τους. Η συγκεκριμένη υπόθεση, έφερε στην επιφάνεια τη συστημική έλλειψη ενός καθεστώτος προστασίας που να διασφαλίζει

We are super excited to tell you that Odyssea (from more than 1,100 applications applicants from EU and the only Greek entry!), is the runner-up and won EUR 20,000 and a communication package in the category “Prioritising the places and people that need it the most“ in the prestigious New European Bauhaus Prizes: https://bit.ly/3OamMli Commissioners Gabriel and

Médecins du Monde Greece announced the launch of its collaboration with Odyssea, in the framework of the implementation of actions to strengthen the social integration of vulnerable social groups. The aim of these actions is to support the beneficiaries of Médecins du Monde in accessing the job market, through an integrated system of referrals to Odyssea's educational programs. In

We are delighted to announce that Odyssea has been selected as one of the 52 finalists for the New European Bauhaus (NEB) Prizes 2022, and we are progressing to the next stage! Odyssea is the only Greek participant. Odyssea was chosen out of over 1100 applications, following an evaluation by independent experts.  Our efforts have been recognized due to their quality, contribution

With the support of Visa Foundation, SINGA, a global organization empowering people with refugee and migrant backgrounds (“newcomers”) through social and entrepreneurial connections, is strengthening the migration-led innovation in Europe through the launch of a European ecosystem called StartIN. SINGA is partnering with three major organizations specialized in inclusive entrepreneurship: TERN, Odyssea, and Delitelabs to boost incubation