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Hospitality staff

Hospitality staff


About this course

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This training equips participants with the essential skills required for waiting staff roles. From restaurant operations to specialist servers, this course covers a wide range of critical aspects required in the Food & Hospitality industry.

  • Language: Greek / English
  • Programme Duration: 30 hours
  • Course Duration: 3 weeks
  • Lessons per week: 3 lessons

Indicative Curricula

  • Restaurant Structure and Functioning
  • Industry-Specific Language and Terminology
  • Roles, Traits, Conduct, and Professional Etiquette
  • Upscale Restaurant Services: Exploring various service styles and buffet management.
  • Management of Banquet, Events & Conferences in Hospitality
  • In-Room Dining Service: Procedures, telephone etiquette, and quality-focused service.
  • Bar Operations: Organization, staff management, and equipment handling.
  • Beverage Studies: Spirits, beers, cocktails, wines, and introductory oenology.
  • Kitchen Management: Safety, cleanliness, equipment, and fundamental culinary practices.
  • First Aid Training

Potential Job Placements

Upon completion, graduates can explore diverse employment opportunities in:

  • Summer resorts
  • Catering companies
  • Cafes, beach bars, taverns, and restaurants
  • Fast food restaurants
  • Supporting roles during conferences or events hosted in hotels

Soft Skills

  • Attention to detail
  • Adaptability
  • Customer Service Excellence
  • Effective Communication
  • Problem-Solving Aptitude

Hard Skills

  • Cuisine Preparation Proficiency
  • Safety and Health Standards Adherence
  • Kitchen Equipment Mastery
  • Beverage Knowledge and Mixology Expertise