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Social Media & Digital Marketing (Thessaloniki)

Social Media & Digital Marketing (Thessaloniki)

Social Media & Digital Marketing vocational training course

About this course

Join our free online Social Media & Digital Marketing course in Thessaloniki!


A Social Media specialist/manager is responsible for planning, implementing, managing and monitoring the company’s Social Media strategy in order to increase brand awareness, improve Marketing efforts and increase sales. Their goal is to gradually achieve superior customer engagement and intimacy, website traffic and revenue by strategically exploiting all aspects of the social media marketing roadmap.


The course aims to educate beneficiary participants on creating high-end content for the most widely used social media platforms so as to gain an advanced understanding of social media marketing basics.

  • Language: GR / EN
  • Total Duration: 45 hours
  • Duration / Class: 3 hours
  • Classes per week (approx.): 2

Course Syllabus

  • The role of Social Media in business 
  • Competitor’s analysis: who is my client?
  • Social Media and Marketing: Which platform to use?
  • Start with a Plan: Social Media Content Creation & Planning (tools)
  • Creative Content & how to sustain a consistent brand image
  • Measuring Success with Analytics
  • Social Media Crisis Management
  • Paid Social Media Marketing
  • Social Media Trends
  • How to get the first job (tips & tricks)
  • How to brand yourself as a (freelance) social media marketer

Potential Job Placements

  • Social media coordinator/manager/specialist
  • Community manager
  • Content creator/manager
  • Digital Account Manager
  • Digital Marketing Assistant
  • Social content manager
  • Advertising and social media accounts manager