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Passive Building Technician

Passive Building Technician


About this course

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The training will provide a broader perspective on Passive Buildings, with a particular focus on insulation. The courses provide the knowledge and practical applications needed by craftsmen and builders to implement buildings according to the world’s most demanding very high energy efficiency standard, the Passive House standard. Participants will participate in workshops that will take place in specialised facilities provided by the Greek Institute of Passive Housing.


  • Language: Greek
  • Course Duration: 36 hours (with the possibility of additional practice hours based on availability)
  • Lesson Duration: 3 hours
  • Lessons per Week: 2-3 lessons


Educational content

  • Fundamentals of Passive Building
  • Optimization of building envelopes and systems
  • Basic principles of design
  • Construction practices to minimize thermal bridges
  • Reinforcement of air tightness with various materials
  • Heat pumps
  • Introduction to building systems with emphasis on mechanical ventilation systems with
  • heat recovery
  • Renewable Energy Technologies (RES)
  • Airtightness testing in real Installations
  • Installation of thermal insulation in masonry
  • Masonry frame installation
  • Reinforcement of the air tightness of the shell
  • Installation and adjustment of ventilation systems



The course is part of the SKILLS 4 ALL action implemented under Piraeus Bank’s EQUALL programme in strategic cooperation with Odyssea.