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Atlas Map: An initiative that maps the social enterprises across the European Union

In the framework of the european project  Intercraft – A bridge between traditional knowings and cultures, Odyssea completed the Atlas map, the first expected outcome of the project. 

Atlas map presents 24 social institutions divided per country: 6 from Greece, 5 from Italy, 3 from Slovenia and 10 from other EU countries and it aims to map and analyse social enterprises involved in cross-cultural craft practices that are aligned with the principles of sustainable circular economy. The main purpose is to collect experiences that provide valuable insights to promote inclusion and job placement.

Atlas map was created through two complementary research actions, namely documentary research and field analysis. The desk analysis  is a national and European scale survey of the existing realities of social enterprises in which migrants and people with fewer opportunities work and practise a form of intercultural craftsmanship. 

The second research activity was the field analysis, in which members of the consortium visited in person some of the organisations selected in the documentary research in order to collect qualitative and quantitative data. 

In Greece, Odyssea connected with the following organisations: Organisation Earth, Ankaa Project, Evzin, Project Armonia, Melissa whom we thank warmly for their cooperation!


About the project:

Intercraft project aims to promote social inclusion, innovation and intercultural dialogue through a new educational methodology that will enrich the skills of migrants, social workers, those working with young people and the local artistic sector. It aims to create a new model of shared value – social and economic – between the above target groups.

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