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A Launch Event Tailored for Students, Businesses, and VET Schools

In the context of the European project SENSE, Odyssea is hosting a launching event for the upcoming workshops that will focus on STEAM approaches while aiming to enhance participants’ work readiness and skills. The launching event will take place on Friday, 13 October 2023 and our primary audience comprises students aged 19-25, businesses seeking innovative talents, and VET schools that aim to reshape educational approaches. Each group faces distinct challenges, and our launch event seeks to provide a platform for dialogue and collaboration.

More precisely, students often find it challenging to translate their talents into marketable skills. The disconnect between soft skills and the ever-evolving needs of the labour market can hinder their entry into the workforce. Businesses, on the other hand, struggle to identify work-ready and creative individuals who can seamlessly integrate into new job profiles. 

Our launch event will facilitate discussions and workshops, encouraging students to explore and align their abilities with emerging job profiles while connecting them with a pool of employers to foster an understanding of the evolving landscape of talent acquisition. In relation to the VET schools, the challenge they face is adapting to new educational approaches that enhance the learning process, a fact also recognised by SENSE. project. Therefore, the event will initiate conversations about innovative methods and strategies to equip students with the skills demanded by the modern workforce.

The core theme of our cluster revolves around understanding perspectives, addressing needs, and facilitating collaboration. We aim to extract valuable insights from participants to comprehend their unique challenges that will be the foundation for future initiatives and programmes that directly address the identified needs. Join us!

The European project SENSE. seeks to increase the public’s interest in science by merging the arts and aesthetics into STEM education, reshaping how STEM subjects are taught in Europe. The project aims to develop an accessible educational roadmap promoting socially conscious and scientifically literate citizens and professionals.

Funded by Horizon Europe, the European Union’s research and innovation programme, the consortium of 17 members represents 14 European countries. 

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