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The problem

The refugee community is one of the most marginalised in Europe. 
Aspiration towards self-employment is almost twice as high as national averages, however, inadequate support prevents entrepreneurs from gaining access to the knowledge, networks and capital they need to develop their ideas, create their business assets and begin trading sustainably. This is particularly exaggerated for female founders from a refugee background who face additional, intersecting challenges.

Our solution

We deliver a range of business support programmes and interventions that meet the needs of newcomer entrepreneurs at each stage of their business development. 

The model consists of three pillars:

1. Employability: secures income for financial stability, reduces the level of risk to a potential future business venture, and provides hands-on experience in the local market.

2. Employment & entrepreneurship: Beneficiaries are assigned to career counsellors and decide on their next career steps/routes.

      – job retention as employees

      – Business Incubation with tailored training, mentoring, and networking opportunities

      – 6month job retention before business incubation

3. Business Acceleration of in-risk existing newcomer businesses to tackle the challenges that SME owners face and provide them with the essential tools, including among others admin & legal support, and access to finance.

Empowering Newcomer Entrepreneurs

Income Generation

Business Incubation and Acceleration

Ecosystem’s Sustainability

"The journey of a refugee is filled with challenges, but their determination to rebuild their lives is unwavering. By providing comprehensive job support, we empower refugees to not only survive, but to thrive and contribute their skills and talents to their new communities."
~ Kofi Annan

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Emancipating refugee people means recognizing their inherent resilience and strength. By empowering them to take control of their own lives, we unleash a force of untapped potential that can rebuild communities, inspire change, and create a brighter future for all.

Leymah Gbowee, Nobel Peace Laureate

Refugees have immense potential, skills, and talents waiting to be unlocked. By offering job support and opportunities, we not only empower them to rebuild their lives but also tap into a wellspring of innovation and contribution that benefits us all.

António Guterres, United Nations Secretary-General

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For every 1€ the donors support "You have a second chance", 11,3€ is returned to the society.

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