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Entrepreneurship Programme

Business incubators & accelerators across a variety of fields

Odyssea is launching an entrepreneurship programme for people who are interested in
opening their own business (Incubators) or
improving the business that they already own (Accelerators).

The idea behind the sector-specific incubators is for aspiring business owners to leverage Odyssea’s spaces i.e. professional kitchen and gain access to professional development, business advice and the opportunity to connect with a wide network of sector-specific mentors.

At the same time, the sector-specific accelerators will be addressed to more experienced entrepreneurs who would like to gain more sector-specific insights to improve their business operations.

Participation is FREE OF CHARGE.

Empowering Entrepreneurs

Income Generation

Business Incubation and Acceleration

Ecosystem’s Sustainability

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The programme will run in 4 cycles starting with in May 2024:

  1. Kitchen/Food incubator – This is addressed to individuals who would liek to open a restaurant, cafe, catering business or any type of business in the food industry sector
  2. Kitchen/Food accelerator – This is addressed to individuals who would already own a business and would like to gain more insights regarding their business operations, etc.
  3. Retail accelerator 
  4. Retail incubator 





Each cycle will last approximately 1 month and will include a series of workshops:

  • Business and operations training: Training on basic business skills that include Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Bussiness Model, Revenue Streams, Financing and Legal considerations, Case studies etc.
  • How – To – Run the business training: Workshops with a sector-specific professional who will provide insights around how to run the business
  • Testing the business training:  Workshops where participants can “test” their product/service i.e. test recipes in the kitchen then improve and finalise the recipes for production.

Apply now and gain the chance to transform your idea into a viable business or gain insights for your existing one!