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Astrolab Makerspace Courses

Astrolab Courses

Makerspace courses, classes and workshops

Our makerspace courses provide technological education for youth and adults at our state-of-the-art FabLab. To enquire about a course, please get in touch on info@astro-lab.org or call us on 2108839877.

Induction courses

Safety is paramount for all our processes and activities. In order to gain access to our machinery and tools, first-time users and members of Astrolab are required to complete an induction course. These short instructional courses include and number of useful and transferable skills:

  • Woodworking Workshop Prep – Power tools, hand tools & finishing
  • Machine Use Assessment – one-to-one with the Workshop Manager
  • Laser Cutting, 3D Printing, Vinyl Cutting, CNC Milling and Electronics Equipment safety inductions
Astrolab Makerspace Courses Induction

Maker's Residency

One of our core values is supporting social impact projects and the personal development of talented individuals. Our Maker’s Residency program does both by providing in-depth hi-tech training and education to people interested in exploring the integration of digital fabrication in the process of design and production.

The idea is simple: each week, you learn a new skill and implement it with a hands-on practical and creative assignment.

The Maker Residency is based on the Fab Academy Diploma [link], an intensive 6-month course given by Professor Neil Greshenfeld, director of MIT’s Center for Bits & Atoms. The course is delivered by Astrolab’s team of qualified Fab Academy graduates.

Astrolab Makerspace Courses Residency

Healing Through Making Workshops

Some of our beneficiaries, especially those who come to us from conflict areas, suffer from mental and physical trauma, insecurity and lack of confidence. This often stops them from effectively rebuilding their lives once they’ve safely reached us. Through a series of makerspace courses and workshops for adults and teenagers, we aim to empower our beneficiaries and spur their creativity to facilitate psychological healing.

Astrolab Makerspace Courses Healing Through Making

STEAM Education

We work to support vulnerable youth and unaccompanied minors through classes in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) subjects:

  • Systems thinking & Robotics
  • Computational thinking & Programming
  • Engineering Design Processes
  • Advanced Manufacturing Fundamentals
  • Robotics in Society
  • Astronomy & Rocket Science
Astrolab Makerspace Services

Interested in our training? Get in touch!

(+30) 2108839877