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Aside from our educational services, we support companies, organisations and individuals in prototyping and creating products, as well as other providing other services and activities. If you’re interested in one (or more!) of our services, please get in touch on info@astro-lab.org or call us on 2108839877.

Contract services

Using our in-house expertise, staff and equipment, we offer specialised fabrication and consulting work to help you turn your project into reality.

  • High-end prototyping & Custom fabrication
  • Digital, Graphic and Computational design services
  • Textile and fashion services
  • Consulting and advisory services


Makeathons are creative challenges which bring together makers and creators from different backgrounds and disciplines to collaboratively reflect on and tackle a single social challenge.

Firstly, participants are set a task or given a problem to solve. Then, over 5 working days, the group work together to design and create an object or product that is environmentally friendly, innovative, unique and effective. The end product can then serve as a prototype for an exciting new breakthrough or itself be mass produced and become an important new technology.

Astrolab Makerspace Courses Residency

R&D projects

Our mission is to empower excluded and vulnerable refugee, migrant and local communities in Greece, enable self-reliance, accelerate efforts towards a more inclusive society and democratise access to technological advances.

We encourage and support all projects that have a positive social impact in any way we can. If you’re a maker with a great idea and you need some help to make it happen, we want to hear from you. Get in touch on info@atro-lab.org or call us on 2108839877.

Astrolab Makerspace Courses Healing Through Making

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