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Business Incubation Scholarships

The power of entrepreneurship

Our Business Incubation Scholarship, in partnership with Alba Graduate Business School, helps beneficiaries set up their own start-ups and new businesses in Greece. We believe that entrepreneurship and business creation are vital to true, long-lasting integration of vulnerable groups across economic, social and political dimensions. We support hard workers with big ideas, original thinkers, dreamers and businesspeople to develop their concepts and realise their potential regardless of their racial, social or economic background.
Our Business Incubation Scholarships are funded by NextFab Foundation.

Entrepreneurial skills education


Co-working spaces

Business support services


Funding opportunities

How it works

1. Registration 

Fill in a registration form here or via our form below. We encourage applications from individuals or small teams (e.g. 2-5 people).

2. Acceptance

Successful applicants are informed of their placement on the program.

3. Basic Business Training

16 hours of training on basic business skills provided by Alba. After this stage, there is a selection process for the Incubation stage of the process. Progress to the Incubation stage is not guaranteed by the selection of an individual / team to the early stages of the scholarship (e.g. Basic Business Training).

4. Incubation

One year of business incubation with Alba Graduate Business School, including 28 hours’ of coaching, seminars, mentoring and technical support. Workshop your ideas, perfect the concept and make it a reality with your mentors and fellow students.

5. Launch & Continued support

Start trading! Take your business from idea to reality and get ongoing incubation & entrepreneurship support from Odyssea with our co-working spaces, Makerspace, and Employability program.

Who can apply?

Our incubation program is open to teams of 2-3 people who want to start their own business and have some experience in their sector. Criteria to join are:

  • Good English language skills and the ability to communicate in Greek if required to by their business idea
  • If the applicant is a migrant or refugee, they must have recognised refugee / migrant status and the right to live and work in Greece
  • Dedication to participate with no (or very limited) absences
  • Means to attend online classes, such as an internet connection and, preferably, a laptop (although a phone or tablet can also be used if necessary)
  • Some related expertise, such as technical / sectoral expertise and the experience and ability to implement an idea
  • Openness to being coached and mentored, to accepting constructive criticism and to contributing helpful feedback of their own
  • Openness to work and co-exist with people from other cultures, backgrounds, religions, genders, etc.

Apply for our Business Incubation Scholarship here:

Our partner

Alba Graduate Business School

Alba Graduate Business School, Τhe American College of Greece, is considered one of Greece’s most prestigious graduate business schools. In addition to training, Alba also provides support to start-ups and entrepreneurs through the Alba Hub for Entrepreneurship and Development (AHEAD).

Our partnership with Alba provides our beneficiaries with some of Greece’s leading education and incubation facilities and opportunities.

Find out more about Alba here.

Peyman Babazadehn - Make-Up & Nails Course Participant

When we have a goal and a dream in life, we can achieve it, and Odyssea helps with that.

Peyman Babazadehn, Make-Up & Nails Course Participant

Maureen Sarah Daniel - Hotel Employee Course Participant

I learned a lot, which helped me get a job. My employers were really impressed with what I knew!

Maureen Sarah Daniel, Hotel Employee Course Participant

Athanasia Kambouri - Barista Course Participant

The training is excellent and the space is great. Odyssea had a lot to offer me.

Athanasia Kambouri, Barista Course Participant

Halima Mambsout - Barista Course Participant

I would like to thank Odyssea. I learned a lot of new things and I loved the course.

Halima Mambsout, Barista Course Participant

Anie Huges Ene - Line Cooking Course Participant

From my time at Odyssea, I learned skills that helped me to get a job.

Anie Huges Ene, Line Cooking Course Participant

Sekoni Tawakalitu Ajoke - Line Cooking Course Participant

Our teacher was perfect, we enjoyed every bit of the course. It gave us the ability to ask questions and we learned a lot of new skills.

Sekoni Tawakalitu Ajoke, Line Cooking Course Participant

Abinamba Ngancha Diane - Make-Up & Nails Course Participant

I want to say thank you so much to Odyssea. This training and certificate will help me integrate and find a job.

Abinamba Ngancha Diane, Make-Up & Nails Course Participant

John Sesay - Line Cooking Course Participant

I would like to say a big thank you to Odyssea... they are one of the best NGOs in Greece and give opportunities to migrants to achieve their dreams.

John Sesay, Line Cooking Course Participant

Sammy Samba - Woodworking Course Participant

The course was great. Our teacher had an open mind and shared everything with us, we could ask a lot of questions and he was able to respond to every question or problem we might have.

Sammy Samba, Woodworking Course Participant

Odyssea's HoReCa vocational training programs are really well-structured for the labour market needs.

Aias Katsaros, HR Account Manager & Recruiter