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New Product Development Workshop

We are organising the 1st Product Development Incubator in Greece

12 teams

40hrs of training and workshops

Making budget per team

€1500 Prizes for winners

Tangible Products

There are many business incubators that help creative teams build a business plan and strategy along with educate them on how to obtain money for scaling.
However, very few of these are able to provide real product development assistance and education for those who desire to make tangible products.

We aim to close that gap

The power of entrepreneurship

We aim to close that gap and focus on teams with tangible products ideas. We will offer general business training, but bolster that with a suite of classes surrounding the development of physical products. Our Hardware Incubation, in partnership with The Cube Athens and Roedel Realization, helps new teams with a tangible product focus set up their own start-ups and new businesses in Greece. We believe that entrepreneurship and business creation are vital to true, long-lasting integration of vulnerable groups across economic, social and political dimensions. We support hard workers with big ideas, original thinkers, dreamers and businesspeople to develop their concepts and realise their potential regardless of their racial, social or economic background.

Entrepreneurial skills education

Prototypes building


Business support services

Lab access


Funding opportunities



Submission deadline


Starting date

5 weeks incubator

15hrs per week for training, workshops & product development


Final presentation event

+1 year

Monthly mentoring per team

The Team

Odyssea x Astrolab

Astrolab is our fabrication laboratory, or makerspace. It is the branch of Odyssea that provides technological education, mentorship and open access to hi-tech tools and skills to help catalyse positive social change. Through its offerings, we seek to serve makers, students, organizations, and entrepreneurs. We are interested in ideas, initiatives, and enterprises that push boundaries and have the potential to shape a radically better world.

More about Astrolab here

The Cube Athens

Our mission is to provide a vibrant supportive environment for tenant companies allowing them the freedom to concentrate on their core business development.

Whether it’s technology, marketing, finance, legal or HR, we are here to support your company. We don’t run a traditional incubation program. We won’t require you to attend seminars and courses. Often, those are a waste of time. We will however show you what tools great startups use. We will show you what mistakes they made and how you might avoid making them. We will expect you to perform at your best. We expect you to have a relentless sense of urgency.

Find more about The Cube Athens here

Roedel Realization

Through my 15 years of hands on experience in product design, manufacturing, and sales strategy I have found that most organizations do not approach these factors wholistically.

Here we will work together to will focus on your product and business success as a unit while keeping sustainable practices in mind every step of the way.  We will build products that keep your end goals in mind by designing your product for manufacturing success, and building a prototype and testing plan that is effiecient for both time and cost to get your product out in the market.

Find out more about Roedel Realization here.

Who can apply?

Anyone with a product idea or desire to
join a product team

We will take on 12 teams with tangible product ideas.

No team yet? No Problem. We will hold a mixer for people with product ideas, engineering skills, or business skills, to meet and join forces.

Everyone is invited

Our incubation program is open to teams of 1-3 people who have a tangible product idea. Applying teams will need:

  • A tangible product idea
  • A team member that can draw in CAD software
  • A team member interested in the business aspects
  • A desire to get hands on building their own prototypes
  • Good English language skills and the ability to communicate in Greek if required to by their business idea
  • Dedication to participate with no (or very limited) absences
  • Some related expertise, such as technical / sectoral expertise and the experience and ability to implement an idea
  • Openness to being coached and mentored, to accepting constructive criticism and to contributing helpful feedback of their own
  • Openness to work and co-exist with people from other cultures, backgrounds, religions, genders, etc.
  • If the applicant is a migrant or refugee, they must have recognised refugee / migrant status and the right to live and work in Greece

How it works

1. Registration 

Fill in a registration form here or via our form below. We encourage applications from individuals or small teams (e.g. 2-5 people).

2. Acceptance

Successful applicants are informed of their placement on the program.

3. Basic Business Training

16 hours of training on basic business skills provided by The Cube Athens. Training includes Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Bussiness Model, Revenue Streams, Feasibility

4. Product Development Training

16 hours of training and workshops on product development provided by Roedel Realization. Training includes design steps, prototyping, case studies and more.

5. Incubation

One year of business incubation with The Cube Athens, including 32 hours’ of coaching, seminars, mentoring and technical support. Workshop your ideas, perfect the concept and make it a reality with your mentors and fellow students.

6. Launch & Continued support

Start producing! Take your business from idea to reality and get ongoing incubation & entrepreneurship support from Odyssea with our co-working spaces, Makerspace, and Employability program.

Teams will pitch their ideas to a panel of judges and entrepreneurs for feedback and a winning prize.

Apply for our Hardware Incubation here:

Incubator will run within April so apply now!