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Our Employability program enables self reliance and accelerates efforts towards a more inclusive society through employment. We believe that true, long-lasting integration for vulnerable groups can only be achieved when they are assimilated across social, political and economic strands of life. The fastest and most efficient way to do this is through permanent, meaningful employment.

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Unemployment in Greece

It is well-known that the 2009 financial crisis hit Greece hard. Over 10 years later, the country is still struggling economically and has the highest general unemployment rate of all EU states. Sadly, unemployment in Greece is especially prevalent amongst the groups of people that it affects the most: those who need the foot in the door, the financial support and independence, the social interaction and cohesion.

More recently, Greece has been hit by a new crisis. Instability and war in the Middle East and Africa have given rise to one of the largest movements of populations in history, displacing over 5 million people. For a huge number of them, Greece is the first European country they encounter. Many choose to stay; many are forced to do so. Proper access to education, training and the job market is paramount for their livelihood, health and independence, but also crucially for their integration into Greek civic life.

General unemployment rate 0
Youth unemployment rate 0
Female unemployment rate 0
Migrant & refugee unemployment rate 0
We believe that by empowering vulnerable groups through training and employment, we can improve integration and help mend Greece's economy.
Peyman Babazadehn - Make-Up & Nails Course Participant

When we have a goal and a dream in life, we can achieve it, and Odyssea helps with that.

Peyman Babazadehn, Make-Up & Nails Course Participant

Maureen Sarah Daniel - Hotel Employee Course Participant

I learned a lot, which helped me get a job. My employers were really impressed with what I knew!

Maureen Sarah Daniel, Hotel Employee Course Participant

Athanasia Kambouri - Barista Course Participant

The training is excellent and the space is great. Odyssea had a lot to offer me.

Athanasia Kambouri, Barista Course Participant

Halima Mambsout - Barista Course Participant

I would like to thank Odyssea. I learned a lot of new things and I loved the course.

Halima Mambsout, Barista Course Participant

Anie Huges Ene - Line Cooking Course Participant

From my time at Odyssea, I learned skills that helped me to get a job.

Anie Huges Ene, Line Cooking Course Participant

Sekoni Tawakalitu Ajoke - Line Cooking Course Participant

Our teacher was perfect, we enjoyed every bit of the course. It gave us the ability to ask questions and we learned a lot of new skills.

Sekoni Tawakalitu Ajoke, Line Cooking Course Participant

Abinamba Ngancha Diane - Make-Up & Nails Course Participant

I want to say thank you so much to Odyssea. This training and certificate will help me integrate and find a job.

Abinamba Ngancha Diane, Make-Up & Nails Course Participant

John Sesay - Line Cooking Course Participant

I would like to say a big thank you to Odyssea... they are one of the best NGOs in Greece and give opportunities to migrants to achieve their dreams.

John Sesay, Line Cooking Course Participant

Sammy Samba - Woodworking Course Participant

The course was great. Our teacher had an open mind and shared everything with us, we could ask a lot of questions and he was able to respond to every question or problem we might have.

Sammy Samba, Woodworking Course Participant

Odyssea's HoReCa vocational training programs are really well-structured for the labour market needs.

Aias Katsaros, HR Account Manager & Recruiter

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