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Soft Skills Training Webinar

Soft Skills Training Webinar


About this course

Join our Free Soft Skills Training Webinar!


Unlock your potential with Soft Skills training! Our program is designed to take you from the basics to advanced social skills. Soft skills aren’t about technical know-how (Hard Skills); they’re about your unique personality and attributes.

Join our seminar for an interactive session including role-playing, and simulations to enhance the skills needed in today’s job market.

Under the expert guidance of our instructor, you’ll gain the knowledge and self-assurance required to excel in communication, leadership, teamwork, problem-solving, critical thinking, emotional intelligence, time management, and much more.

Language: Greek

Program Duration: 1 day

Class Duration: 3 hours (17:30-20:30)

Delivery method: Online

Webinar Date: November 7, 2023