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Empowering Vulnerable People in the Digital Age

Empowering Vulnerable People in the Digital Age

Basic Computer Skills Course

About this course

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From the fundamentals, to the most commonly used basic features, this course covers everything one needs to know in order to use computers well. The participants will learn how to utilise a computer for both personal and professional purposes. The curriculum includes among others file handling, internet browsing and Microsoft Office.


The course also helps participants develop the digital skills necessary to find and succeed in a job in today’s highly digitized world. This includes CV and cover letter preparation, creation of professional social media accounts and presentation of major employability search engines. The classes are accompanied by one-to-one mentoring from experienced professionals and masterclasses from experts from the world of hiring and employment.

  • Language: GR / EN
  • Total Duration: 21 hours
  • Duration / Class: 2 hours
  • Classes per week (approx.): 3

Course Syllabus

1.Use of computer

    • Hardware 
    • Software 
    • Operating Systems 
    • Basic display setup
    • Create folders 
    • Basic functions (Cut, Copy, Paste, Move)
    • ZIP files
    • Install / Uninstall

2. Use of internet

    • Basic windows network configurations 
    • Web browser / Google search
    • Download /  Upload
    • Web Security

3. Google suite

    • Gmail account
    • Google docs
    • Google sheets
    • Google slides
    • Google calendar
    • Zoom-google meet-skype
    • Google Drive-Dropbox

4. Mobile applications

5. CV preparation

    • 16 personalities test
    • Canva
    • Unsplash
    • CV making & editing (& cover letter)
    • Personal video presentation

6. LinkedIn account

    • Create and edit
    • Use as a job searching tool

7. Job applications

    • Job searching platforms
    • Applying to various platforms
    • Applying by email

8. Interview

    • Preparation 
    • Simulation
    • Next steps

Potential Job Placements

  • Customer service
  • Office assistant
  • Data entry officer
  • Storage management
  • E-shop assistant

Soft Skills

  • Communication skills
  • Able to follow guidelines and instructions

Hard Skills

  • English or Greek Language