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Our Academy’s goal is to help people develop new skills that will make them ideal candidates for the job position they desire! The Academy process includes vocational training courses in a variety of subjects, as well as soft and digital skills education. The courses are intensive and hands-on, taking place at our new, state-of-the-art training centre equipped with the latest technology and training tools.

We reveal the most suitable career paths according to the beneficiaries skills and aspirations.

Our courses are shaped by market needs, offering beneficiaries training in jobs that show high employment ratings.

Project based training at our state-of-the-art Academy Campus, following the STEAM educational approach

Our courses are certified by ACTA.

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Training sectors

HORECA (derived from the combination of the words HOtel REstaurant CAtering) is the category of training that prepares beneficiaries for the Hospitality and Foodservice sector.

Courses such as Line Cooking, Hotel Employee and Barista/Bartender, open the door towards countless employment opportunities, especially in a popular travel destination like Greece. HORECA is the best choice for people that enjoy creative work and human interaction as it involves a great deal of personal touch and highlights strong communication skills.

MEP (derived from the words Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing) is the category of training that will prepare beneficiaries for the sector of construction, the backbone of every economy.

Including courses such as Electrician, Woodworking and Plumbing, this category opens the door towards a field that is in constant need of working hands. MEP is ideal for people who prefer to work in the field rather than the confinement of an office, using their labor to design, build, fix or install material in any facility.

Our Business vocational training programs help participants develop their marketing & sales skillsets.

Including courses such as Sales Techniques and Social Media Marketing, this category covers the basic topics of the trades sector. A career path in business is chosen by people with strong communication skills, who enjoy reaching out and inventing new means of approaching an audience.

Tech (short for Technology) is the category of training that delves into all the aspects of technology, computers and networks that our hyper-connected world relies on.

Including courses such as IT and Networks Technician, Programming and Social Media Marketing, this category covers all manner of digital competencies, from hardware assembly, design of software and coding, to the actual utility of technology for business purposes.

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