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The problem

At least 40% of  UAMs does not attend any education or training and more than 93% of them are approaching adulthood (15+).

The lack of an appropriate school integration plan with linguistic, cultural, legal and psychological support leads UAM to a state of limbo, devoid of agency and decision-making ability for their future.

The abrupt cessation of benefits to UAM after they reach adulthood puts them at high risk, pushing large numbers of them into informal routes abroad, exposed to human trafficking networks or other forms of exploitation, often ending up homeless on the streets.

Our solution

Empowerment, professional orientation, vocational training, and employment support of young people who are now entering or are at risk of being permanently left outside the labor market is an essential step to support the most vulnerable. 

During the last 7 years, Odyssea worked closely with other organizations in the refugee field and supported more than 1,600 refugees and asylum seekers (49.9% of Odyssea’s total beneficiaries), with 8% being 16-18 years old, providing a comprehensive 4-stage support system with:

  1. Empowerment and motivation
  2. Professional Orientation
  3. Tailor-made vocational training
  4. Employability services
UAM empowered
UAM trained
NGOs engaged in our network

Empower UAM to achieve self-relience and agency

Create a more inclusive society​

Enhance the Greek economy

"Women, like men, must be educated with a view to action, or their studies cannot be called education." ~ HARRIET MARTINEAU


Thank you Odyssea!! You are so much for me I will never forget my experience

I find a job and I learn so much in Odyssea. My future is now more bright and I can find my house and support myself. Thank you so much!

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