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The problem

In an increasingly interconnected world, access to reliable power, clean water and internet connectivity, is not just a convenience but often a matter of life and death, especially in crisis areas where natural disasters, conflicts, or infrastructure failures can disrupt electricity.
Recognizing this pressing need, Karditsa Power has emerged as a beacon of hope, harnessing the power of solar energy to provide high-capacity, emergency solar chargers, water filters and high-speed internet connectivity to communities facing adversity from the recent floods in Thessaly.

Our solution

The Technology

At the heart of Karditsa Power’s mission lies innovative technology. Our first response was the assemble of high-capacity solar chargers that can harness the abundant energy of the sun. These chargers are designed for versatility, capable of powering a wide range of essential devices, from mobile phones and radios to medical equipment and lighting. They are rugged, portable, and easily deployable in crisis areas, providing a lifeline when traditional power sources fail.


The Process


Karditsa Power takes a community-centred approach to distribute our solar chargers. Aiming to collaborate with local organizations and volunteers to identify areas in need, we want to ensure that the technology reaches the hands of those who need it most. Through workshops and training, we empower local residents to build, maintain and repair the solar chargers, fostering a sense of ownership and sustainability within the communities they serve.

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Our first batch of 30 solar charging stations has already reached the area of Karditsa and is used by the local authorities and citizens. They are now used by EMAK, the Hellenic Fire Service and villages of Kalograina, Marko, Vlochos, Palamas.

Karditsa Power was born from the collective spirit of a group of passionate individuals and organisations committed to addressing energy deficiencies in crisis-prone regions. Our vision is clear: equip communities with the means to relieve their immediate needs for energy, communication and potable water, mitigating life threatening conditions, reducing vulnerability and enhancing resilience in the face of adversity.

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Access to energy, water and connectivity

Innovation for Good

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Empowerment of affected communities

Our next steps

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village stations
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Next steps:

As the humanitarian crisis from the Thessaly floods continues, Karditsa power aims to achieve the following immediate steps:

  • Following our first successful delivery and after consulting with the local rescue efforts we aim to prepare a second delivery of at least 50 improved solar charging stations within the next few days. The new solar charger stations will be improved and redesigned to be better transferred (suitcase size), include wifi modems with unlimited 4G data and include hand tools.
  • Prepare 50 water filters to be delivered for the houses of the families we have already identified and verified from our needs assessment. In the affected areas, tap water, although available, is not potable. By delivering high-end filters, affected areas will be able to use tap water safely.
  • 5 mobile village station trailers: A versatile and scalable solution, the village station is a trailer that is placed in the centre of the affected community and carries high capacity power and water services. In more detail, it contains a UV and water filtration system for bigger demands, large PV panels to power the whole station, wide range wifi router, charging station for electronic devices and emergency phones (see schematic representation at the last page). In the aftermath of the disaster, affected citizens can visit the village station and use its components. When required the village station can be moved to a different location.
  • Visit the affected areas, talk with the citizens and record their interviews describing their experience and lessons learned. From this visit, at least 5 videos will be produced to reflect on the situation, assess short term and long term needs, capture the impact of the project and provide helpful feedback for future steps.

The Team

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