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The problem

Our country holds the highest youth unemployment rate and one of the highest in-work poverty rates in Europe. 


Young people with low levels of education, limited job experience, lack of basic skills, and access to training, are therefore trapped in unemployment.


The humanitarian donor financing system is overstretched and unsustainable, while also fails to effectively address the development needs to increase resilience, help people lift themselves out of poverty, and ensure dignified lives.

Our solution

Support young vulnerable people in the best way possible by implementing a holistic approach to assist equally both unemployed Greeks and guest communities integrate into society. The model is built upon 3 equally important main services:

  • Orientation
  • Vocational training
  • Employability services

The project is an example in the humanitarian sector, as it commits to return 50% of its costs to society through collaboration with recruitment companies, looking to involve more stakeholders in the ecosystem.

People received training
People received employability services
People found job
% Satisfaction rate in their work environment

Youth Employment and Poverty Reduction

Strengthening Humanitarian Sector Sustainability

Enhancing Education and Skills Development

Building Resilience and Dignity

“I decided to do housekeeping because of the summer. I have to learn something, if hotels ask about my experience, I can show them my certificate, that I am good. I would like to continue with Odyssea as I see they teach more courses.” - Ibrahim


A special experience! First of all, you gave us hope! The excitement of knowing that you can start again from somewhere... we materialized something together But each one individually in a matter that concerns us all ! The greatest investment one can make is in knowledge! This should never stop. You have given us a little piece of the wealth that each of us carries within us! Congratulations for the special work that is being offered! i feel lucky to have been part of this program ! It just keeps getting better and better!

Rodika A.

Thank you very much for the lesson and this opportunity !!! I learned a lot of things. Odysseα has very good programs !!!

Evaggelia E.

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For every 1€ the donors support "Caring for the Caregiver", 11,3€ is returned to the society.

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