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Transnational projects within EU funding programmes or similar financial instruments in a national or global scope are the main means that ODYSSEA utilizes in order

  • To develop innovative applications and processes in the fields of employability and VET
  • To exchange experience, ideas, and practices in a wider networking context
  • To  create or participate in synergies that aim to address the main problems that Odyssea’s beneficiaries at large face and support their integration efforts.







NADINE project aim is to develop a novel way of integrating migrants and refugees through ICT-enabled solutions that will automatically adapt to the specificities of each person. The consortium agrees that one of the main enablers of migrants/refugees’ inclusion, in the host societies, is their ability to work. Hence NADINE’s motto is “Give migrants and refugees their dignity back by giving them a decent job with a decent salary”. Taking into account this important factor, NADINE creates an adaptable platform able to: 1) provide functionalities for skill assessment, 2) dynamically create tailored suited training programs to adapt existing skills into host societies needed skills, 3) provide a digital companion that will suggest and assist the end-users through administrative tasks and 4) create a data lake available to public administration bodies for better organization of migration flows.  NADINE will innovate in several directions from novel training tools, adaptable to different learning setups, to novel ways of information flow handling for public administrations to work efficiently in both business as usual contexts and migration bursts ones. NADINE platform will create potential new markets in different market areas and also will provide novel open tools that will foster new innovation capacity to the EU area.


JOINclusion promotes a new approach to social inclusion based on empowerment and skills acquisition as factors able to bring behavioural change and approach to differences. The project has the ambition to achieve a new milestone towards the provision of innovative game-based pedagogy and assessment methods boosting emotional intelligence, empathy in particular, as a key pillar of pro-social skills fostering diversity and inclusion. The project combines interactive multimedia design with the most effective principles of technologically-mediated learning to develop a game-based educational tool applying psychological modelling of scenarios, to engage the learner emotionally and collaboratively, supporting cognitive engagement (i.e. mental processing and metacognition), affective engagement (emotion processing and regulation), behavioural engagement (gestures, embodied actions, and movement) and socio-cultural engagement (social interactions embedded within a cultural context).


The project aims to feed the talent pipeline, enable and promote vivid brain circulation and fresh innovation power to prepare the EU at large to solve todays and societal challenges; to demonstrate added value of STEAM for science education and how it stimulates uptake of science careers; to equip students, education providers, businesses with knowledge, practices and tools to develop STEAM based curricula and learning approaches


The project INTERCULTURAL CRAFT: a bridge between traditional knowledge and different cultures (INTERCRAFT) aims to promote new forms of social innovation and intercultural dialogue, creating and supporting learning and training paths that can recognize and enhance the craft skills and competences of migrants, asylum seekers, refugees, and relate their skills to the traditional local artisan knowledge of the host European territories. Main objectives: • enhance the traditional knowledge and skills of migrant people; • contrast the dispersion of local traditional artisan knowledge and techniques.


The VIW project is funded by the European Commission through the Spanish National Agency for the Erasmus+ Programme, with the aim of making HEIs more inclusive by promoting a holistic comprehension of the gender issues in migration flows. Odyssea is participating as Associate partner.











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