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Empowering women in the digital age Odyssea Kahane

Empowering Vulnerable Women in the Digital Age – Odyssea x Kahane Foundation

The female unemployment rate in Greece is a shocking 20.2%. This number is significantly higher for women from vulnerable groups, such as refugees and asylum seekers. Unemployed women face a lack of financial and personal independence, poor integration and under-representation in local and national communities. Vulnerable groups are also at high risk of COVID-19 and its impact: according to a recent UN report, the pandemic and ensuing recession are fuelling discrimination against them.

However, our research in the labor market shows that there are opportunities to be taken advantage of: existing skills gaps in digital expertise are made wider as most businesses in Greece take up some form of online presence in order to keep operating through lockdowns.

We believe that unemployed, vulnerable women need to be supported to find work and to claim their rightful place in their communities and society.

We also believe that vocational training and long-term employability services are the tools that will help achieve this.

We are providing an innovative training program to empower Greek and refugee women aged 25-35 who are unemployed or in work suspension due to the COVID-19 pandemic to attain the skills needed to fill these gaps in the market, safeguard their self-reliance and boost their integration. Our program will have three key strands to help give these women the best chance at finding employment:

Soft & digital skills development – A comprehensive course of training and mentoring in basic digital skills, CV preparation, job applications, interview techniques and confidence building.

Vocational training courses – Theoretical and practical education in the areas of Social Media Marketing, Sales, e-Commerce and Front-end Website Development. 

Employability services – one-to-one consulting, networking and employment opportunities and progress monitoring to help beneficiaries find a job after graduation.

The program, funded by the Kahane Foundation, will last for one year and begins in April 2021.

Beneficiaries can see available training courses and register through our website here.

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